The Benefits of Big Format Printing in Cheektowaga, NYC

Even in our digital era, printed media remains an effective means for small businesses to promote their products and services. Large format printing offers an effective means for national exposure.

This type of printer can handle anything oversized, such as blueprints, architectural drawings and land surveys, marketing-oriented items like posters and banners and marketing collateral – making it an excellent solution for businesses seeking to expand their in-house printing options.


Large format printing can help businesses reach wider audiences more effectively. Its large format makes it hard to miss, be it billboard advertising or an eye-catching booth display at trade shows – or even window film!

Companies often look to save money by opting for low-cost media and ink when printing large format images, however this can compromise both project quality and collateral longevity. Therefore, it’s wiser to invest in inks and media compatible with your printing device.

High-resolution printing ensures visual elements and messaging remain consistent across channels, helping establish brand recognition among consumers. Furthermore, this form of printing creates visually striking exhibition displays and graphics for events and trade shows; artists and photographers use it to showcase their work on a grand scale.

Easy to customize

With large format printing, you can quickly and easily create marketing materials that stand out in a crowd. By printing out company information like name and logos or special offers on social media channels like Twitter or Facebook, large format prints make your message clear to your target market and will help ensure your success at trade shows or events.

Large-format printing offers another advantage in terms of durability. Materials produced using large-format printers are made to withstand outdoor elements as well as repeated use; they may include styrene, aluminum and foam board materials for production.

Many large-format printers feature color touchscreens that make adjusting connectivity options and settings simple, making it easier for teams to collaborate on project progress together.


Large format printing (wide-format print) helps businesses save money on printing costs and ensure high-resolution prints, while providing businesses with cost-efficient solutions that produce crisp images. Furthermore, these printers can work on a range of materials which make them suitable for billboards, posters and vehicle wraps among many other projects.

No matter your marketing goal – whether that be increasing store walk-ins or drawing more people in to an event – large format printing can help your reach it. Eye-catching prints that increase brand recognition and customer engagement.

Large format printing not only helps reduce costly errors, but it can also be instrumental in helping construction companies meet project estimates and deliver products on time. Large prints provide communication among workers at each job site – while their durability means lower printing costs over time.


Large format printing offers you the capability of producing materials printed in large formats for outdoor marketing purposes. It is an effective means of raising brand recognition while increasing brand visibility.

Large format printers typically utilize solvent-based printing technology, which employs non-water based inks that adhere well to various substrate materials and UV curing for greater color vibrancy and durability in their prints.

Large format printing materials are typically utilized in outdoor advertising campaigns that must endure harsh weather conditions, trade show signage and customer acquisition campaigns, where potential clients can view them from far away. Furthermore, large format printing provides a large display area to attract customer’s attention in busy areas while helping teams work more collaboratively in multiple teams simultaneously.


Large format printing offers the versatility and convenience to produce various print products ranging from paper, vinyl, canvas, wood and glass – which can then be used for marketing collateral, promotional campaigns or point-of-sale displays.

These materials are durable and designed to withstand various weather conditions, making them a valuable branding tool. This allows businesses to increase visibility and customer reach.

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If your business regularly outsources document printing to outside printers, investing in an onsite wide-format printer can be a significant cost saver. By keeping the process in-house and eliminating unnecessary mark-ups and speed of turnaround times, reprints or revisions can be performed more quickly without incurring shipping and handling fees.