Lumina Grand EC, Singapore’s Newest Executive Condominium

lumina grand ec

Lumina Grand EC is easily accessible with its network of bus services, providing residents with seamless and pleasant commuting experiences. In addition, its proximity to Jurong Region Line (JRL) stations will facilitate new malls, entertainment areas and dining enclaves to emerge nearby.

Bukit Batok community club stands apart from traditional shopping centres by providing workshops, classes and activities designed to advance skills, pursue hobbies or become more engaged with local communities.

Modern Elegance

City Developments Limited’s (CDL) Executive Condominium “Lumina Grand” features premium amenities and services, creating an exceptional lifestyle experience. This property includes state-of-the-art fitness facilities, concierge services and more; its prime location provides easy access to an array of activities and events.

Residents will also have the chance to take advantage of a community club, offering them the chance to pursue new hobbies and skills while networking with like-minded individuals. It features workshops, classes, and social activities designed to keep residents healthy and contented.

As Singapore advances towards sustainability, Lumina Grand EC is at the forefront of this movement by encouraging eco-living. Situated near a Jurong Regional Line station, residents can use MRT services for transportation purposes, reducing their carbon footprint in turn. Furthermore, this estate features bike-friendly pathways and walkways so residents can use alternative modes of transport such as biking or walking instead.

Lumina Grand’s prime location near several acclaimed schools makes it the ideal home for families that prioritize education. Finding primary through tertiary schools close by in metropolitan areas can be hard to come by; yet at Lumina Grand this is something many residents take for granted and ensures their children access world-class instruction without long commutes.

Eco-Friendly Living

As our nation moves toward a sustainable future, Lumina Grand embraces this vision by being situated near various mass rapid transit (MRT) stations for convenient and eco-friendly alternative transportation solutions compared to driving alone. Residents here can reduce their carbon footprint thus contributing to environmental sustainability nationwide.

Lumina Grand’s proximity to highly regarded schools makes it an attractive option for families in Singapore who place great value on quality education for their children. Few urban dwellers enjoy such access to top-tier educational establishments on an ongoing basis – for instance Dazhong Primary School is just 1.3km from Lumina Grand; Bukit View Primary and Secondary Schools are within an easy distance as well. In addition, Singapore Polytechnic is just 3.2km away and allows families the chance to have their kids pursue further studies without the hassle of daily commuting!

Additionally, MRT stations near Lumina Grand give its residents easy access to central business districts, shopping malls and recreational hubs in a shorter amount of time – this can be especially advantageous for those upgrading from HDB apartments as it helps them meet lifestyle goals more quickly.


Lumina Grand EC’s prime location near some of Singapore’s best schools makes it an invaluable convenience for families committed to education, and eliminates long journeys for kids to and from school. Furthermore, its closeness to eateries and supermarkets offers easy access to daily necessities – making Lumina Grand an excellent upgrade choice from HDB flats.

Location also features many business and leisure amenities, with the Jurong Region Line (JRL) promising greater connectivity allowing residents easier access to city centres, shopping centres, and workplaces within shorter time. This will be especially advantageous to those working within city centers who will now have shorter commutes between work places.

Keming Primary School, known for its focus on character formation and creative expression, features state-of-the-art facilities with an outstanding teaching team. Furthermore, this EC is conveniently situated close to major shopping destinations in Bukit Batok and Jurong; making it an excellent option for urbanites looking for work-life balance without having to sacrifice convenience of urban living.

Lumina Grand residents can also take advantage of excellent bus services that provide seamless access to even those areas not reached by MRT, making their travels effortless whether headed towards nearby shopping centres or further regions of Singapore.


Lumina grand is more than just a residence; it’s an embodiment of modern sophistication, perfect for HDB upgraders. Every corner showcases contemporary living, with wide open spaces and meticulous design accents throughout every corner of this affluent community. Residents will also have access to premium facilities such as forward-thinking gym, tranquil swimming pools and charming BBQ pits, providing them with a lifestyle far beyond that typically found in traditional HDB layouts.

Lumina Grand’s proximity to top-tier schools gives parents peace of mind that their children will receive quality education at renowned institutions, while JRL gives residents an eco-friendly commuting option which contributes to Singapore’s commitment to sustainable future.

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Bukit Batok’s well-developed infrastructure means that Lumina Grand residents have access to an array of dining, shopping and entertainment options. Malls and entertainment zones can be found all throughout Bukit Batok; residents can expect an exciting lifestyle at home thanks to reliable bus services that connect all parts of Bukit Batok without MRT lines; whether you love shopping, eating out or watching movies, there’s something here for everyone at Lumina Grand!