Digital Sanitizer Kiosks

digital sanitizer kiosk

A digital sanitizer kiosk is a great tool to help people get clean hands in a safe, convenient way. The device is equipped with an integrated attendance management system and can be connected to a NSC or IC card reader. It also supports Android, is WiFi and 4G capable, and includes built-in audio functionality. Its programmable buttons help employees to use the device without any hassles.

XM Aegis Sanitizer Kiosk

The XM Aegis Sanitizer is an innovative and digital hand sanitizer kiosk. The kiosk dispenses sanitizer, records attendance and temperature, and ensures that visitors are wearing their masks. It eliminates the need for human intervention and facilitates no-contact sanitization. For more information on this product, contact Xtreme Media.

The XM Aegis ATM is equipped with the latest technologies and features. It is built with an inbuilt thermal detector and face recognition technology. It can recognize faces up to 4 meters away and read temperatures to a degree Celsius. This feature is particularly useful in confined spaces where employees or students must wash their hands before entering a facility. The XM Aegis Sanitizer Kiosk is compatible with Android and WiFi networks and can be controlled from a central server. A fully-integrated communication system is also included, making it easy to push content to the kiosks.

MetroClick’s face mask kiosk

The realNetworks mask check kiosk has been designed to encourage the proper use of facemasks in public settings such as schools, restaurants, hospitals, and stores. This kiosk uses free MaskCheck software to detect whether or not a person is wearing a face mask. It can also serve as a visual cue to encourage proper usage. RealNetworks has launched the product in the U.S. and Europe and is looking for locations to install the kiosk in their markets.

The Atman mask has become a viral hit in recent weeks. Developed by a South Korean company, the mask is used to cover the mouth and nose. They are sold for around $8 for a box of 10. The name Atman is a portmanteau of the word “mask.” Kosk is the Korean word for someone who wears a mask over their mouth. It has been shown to reduce the risk of severe disease, so MetroClick is aiming to make this product as widely accessible as possible.

InLighten Clean Hand Sanitizer + Digital Signage Station

InLighten, a digital signage provider, has released iVIEW Clean Digital Signage Stations, which combine a touchless hand sanitizer and a display. These stations are designed to increase awareness of important information while driving compliance with health regulations. These stations are designed to be easy to install and deploy, enabling businesses and organizations to maximize their digital signage investment.

The integrated touchless hand sanitizer is designed for high-traffic areas and can be paired with other safety features. Designed with large screen units, this kiosk is ideal for displaying health and safety messaging. A variety of sign types, including custom and changeable signage, are available for use with this kiosk. In addition, the hand sanitizer station features a temperature check option, making it a highly versatile product for promoting good personal hygiene.

Frank Mayer and Associates’ hand sanitizer kiosk

The new digital hand sanitizer kiosk from Frank Mayer and Associates is a self-service kiosk solution that screens employees and visitors to verify their cleanliness, and then provides a digital messaging solution. Developed in partnership with Data Display Systems, the kiosk uses advanced sensor technology to determine temperature and body temperature. The results are transmitted to a remote content management system, which provides a secure record of compliance traceability. The kiosk is fully customizable with built-in hand sanitizers, and offers digital messaging options, including the ability to add a custom message.

The kiosk can also be customized to include an optional UV-C embedding process. Customers can purchase a UV-C embedding kit that includes ballasts for LED and conventional light bulbs, and the necessary software for operating the system. For self-service hand sanitizer dispensers, there is also a freestanding option. Digital Media Vending International Llc. developed the kiosk, featuring a touchscreen and adjustable product trays. The kiosk is compatible with most video formats, and comes in multiple sizes.