Cupcake Went to Hire a NYC SEO Company and this 9 Things Happen

Miss Cupcake shared her experiences with hiring an SEO expert in NYC for the first time, thinking that SEO experts know what they were doing … This is what happen.

  1. SEO expert went to work on her website , changing everything.
  2. Rankings drop out totally out of page 1 from Top 3 ranking and the seo expert say to trust him
  3. Waited for 4 months before she decided to call it quits and sack him
  4. Tried boosting on her website seo herself and orders came back in.
  5. Penguin strike and rankings totally changed between big and small companies. The Big companies went up top, replacing the Small companies.
  6. Cupcake sold her business.
  7. SEO seems to become full-time and SEO Tools were getting expensive
  8. Decided to hire people to do SEO. Her preference is working with SEO Agency
  9. Talk about her favourite seo guy to work with.

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Got greedy and hire an seo expert thinking she will get to Number 1 based on his advice
Her website fall out of Google completely after the SEO expert work on her site